Kate Moss, Vanessa Hudgens, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, Mary Kate Olsen. These are all great style icons who share one thing in common- they’re love for the Bohemian fashion. This fashion style was hugely influenced by the hippie movement during the late 1960s and 1970s. It is most commonly characterized by a carefree, relaxed, and effortless way of dressing, but is considered today as one of the most popular style in the fashion world.

Want to try this style but don’t know where to start? No need to worry. You can be sure to hop into the Boho chic bandwagon beginning with the little black dress that you would likely find in your very own closet.

  • Maxi Skirts. A long Gypsy skirt is a staple for Boho gals. It      provides that flowy silhouette the Bohemian style is known for. A solid-colored skirt would be a great find, or a really nice investment if you don’t have one yet in your wardrobe. Printed ones work too, but solid colors are easier paired with just about anything. The skirts go well with tunics, button-downs, and even tank tops.
  • Ankle Boots. Go a little edgy with a pair of boots that would be perfect when paired with short skirts, denim cut-offs, and dresses. Another way to wear this is by tucking in your skinny jeans. These booties will give you a rugged, distressed look that is still comfortable and Boho chic.
  • Gladiator Sandals. Another popular footwear worn most commonly by the hippies and Boho gals are gladiators. They’re light, laidback, but still stylish. It’s also easy to slip on and off which makes it perfectly suited to a Bohemian lifestyle that is relaxed and carefree. Gladiator sandals look great when paired with shorts, dresses, and skirts.
  • Bohemian Accessories. It’s very easy to tell which accessories to go for if you’re aiming towards a Bohemian-inspired look. These are usually made from wood, feathers, suede, seashells- all natural elements! Dangly earrings are very popular, including those oversized hoops with feathers. These earthy jewelries are rare finds that you can buy from flea markets and thrift stores. If you can make your own, that’s even better to keep it original.
  • Headpieces. Try on some turbans, hairbands, flower crowns, you name it! Pay attention to your mane. Give it some textured beach waves or fun braids while sporting an elastic hippie headband across your forehead. This trend screams Boho in every way.
  • Geometric Prints. The bold and rich patterns and prints are the signatures of a Boho-inspired look. It adds a free-spirited vibe to      your ensemble. The most popular ones are tribal and ethnic prints that you can find in form of leggings, skirts, maxi dresses, and many other clothing items.
  • Hippie Bags. The bags that Boho gals use are most often made from cloth, suede, or leather, often with fringes, feathers, embroideries and beadworks. Cross-body and messenger bags work well for indie souls because they find it easier to make movements when their hands are free and they don’t need to hold on to their stuff all the time. Bring these to concerts and festivals and instantly blend in with the Boho crowd!

These are some of the key pieces you’ll need to start off a Boho wardrobe. You can also throw in scarves, oversized sunglasses, dreamcatchers, fringed vests, and have fun layering. After all, the real idea of a Bohemian lifestyle is to be free-spirited. So, be whimsical and creative and bring out the inner Boho in you!



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